We are living in difficult economic conditions :  relatively high unemployment rates, bank failures at record highs, falling real estate values, some of America's iconic and largest corporations are filing for bankruptcy or downsizing drastically. What can we do to help protect ourselves and our families from this economic tsunami?

"GET CERTIFIED" - For thirty years, the AFE  has offered three nationally recognized certifications for plant facility professionals to ensure that the highest level of industry standards are being met.




Why should you "GET CERTIFIED? Do you want to distinguish your self from the herd, as a leader and as someone who is striving to be the best in his/her field? Then "GET CERTIFIED". Do you believe that knowledge is power? Then "GET CERTIFIED" Do you want to demonstrate to your boss that you have the skills to advance to the next level? Then "GET CERTIFIED" Do you believe that once you stop learning, you are dead, figuratively and literally? Then - I think you get the point!

How can you "GET CERTIFIED"?  Easy as AFE, join the AFE and take advantage of discounted rates for your CPS, CPMM and CPE and enjoy these other benefits:

    • Receive Facilities Engineering Journal

    * Free Training Webinarrs

    * On-Line and live Training & Education

    * AFE Career Center - Job Listings for Facility Professionals

    * Local Plant Tours

    * Local And National Networking

    * Discounted Rates on: Books, Education & Training, Industry 
      events, Car rentals, and Insurance

If  you need to stay on top of developments in facilities engineering, exchange information with others in your field, and network with other facilities professionals, then JOIN the AFE. Help your self, protect your family, meet like minded individuals, increase your knowledge, support your community and best of all: "GET CERTIFIED"

Robert B. Bender, B.S., M.B.A., M.P.T.D., President - AFE Chapter 4 Long Island, New York

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