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DedIcated  to the proposition that all downtime must be eliminated. more

PMC is an engineering and technology company dedicated to preventing costly downtime. more


When the lights go out due to natural disasters or blackouts, the effects can be potentially devastating. more



The Long Island Building & Facility Maintenance Show is positioned to serve the needs of Facility Management. more


Hofstra CE will offer a School Facilities Management Certificate designed to provide professional development to school facilities. more

Power Management Concepts

PMC is an engineering and technology company dedicated to preventing costly downtime for clients operating mission critical facilities. "Mission-Critical" is a broad categorization of ultra-high reliability and availability of electrical and mechanical systems that must meet stringent operating criteria to maintain continuous functionality and eliminate costly unscheduled downtime. We provide a fully integrated continuum of services including planning, design, project management, preventive maintenance, mission critical technology solutions and training.

In recent years, industries including banking and financing, telecommunications, health care, broadcasting, transportation, pharmaceutical, and internet based services have become exceedingly dependent upon telecom and data systems that are essential to the lifeblood of their companies. A computer or data center failure can be equated to a "Corporate Coronary". This continued reliance on e-commerce has created a consistent, growing demand for expertise in developing and maintaining facilities specifically designed to meet the extraordinary levels of reliability that is imperative for operations running 24 hours a day, seven days a week forever.

Within this specialized industry, PMC is an up and coming engineering and technology leader for sophisticated mission critical systems. PMC has and continues to ensure the availability of reliable conditioned power essential to the continuous functionality of mission critical systems. PMC's engineering, operations, maintenance, software and education services are embedded in our pioneering Technology Engineering Security Training paradigm throughout the critical facility's management life cycle.

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